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the Thunder coach Billy – nba2kmt did not intend to pay guns

It is reported that after the game, the results of the game disappointed Wei Wei straight into the sun’s training ground for about an hour of training. We can see that there is some trouble with the team who can not save the nba2kmt team today.

“You’re going to be ready for nba2kmt,” said Miller, “you have to understand the importance of the game and want to make sure you’ve done the best in helping your teammates. I feel like I’m disappointed mt nba ” Although the team saddled with 23 points of the huge points into the last nba2kmt, but the Thunder coach Billy – Donovan did not intend to pay guns. He let Wei less continue to nba2kmt, and hope he can lead the team out of the tide. But this move not only did not help the team, but let nba 2k17 coins for sale people think that Donovan in the distal there are too little brush data suspected. In today’s game Donovan is also deliberately explained his nba2kmt arrangements at that time.


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