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the Municipal Meteorological mut coins for sale

6 yesterday, the Municipal Meteorological Observatory launched high mut coins for sale yellow warning signal, is expected to 9 to 11, the highest temperature in most areas of the city will reach more than 35 DEG C, mut coins for sale and hot weather, to remind the public attention to prevention. From the latest weather forecast this week, the highest temperature during the day are expected at mut coins for sale DEG C, it is” a hot enough “from the beginning of July 12th! Beijing, formal V, son of high-temperature sauna days to high humidity, really into the hottest year mut coins for sale. With increased humidity, hot feeling will become increasingly strong. Meteorological experts remind, the city is currently in a yellow warning temperature, selling madden mobile coins is big mut coins for sale, the weather is hot, the public friends buy madden mobile coins pay attention to heatstroke cool, noon to minimize out. In addition, recent thunderstorms, travel please attention to mut coins for sale, encountered strong winds when lightning is far from easy broken trees, billboards and dilapidated buildings; at the same time, the risk of geological disaster weather mut coins for sale blue, please avoid traveling to the mountains, the river channel, (reporter Luo Qianwen) map. Yesterday afternoon, Peace West Bridge Road, pedestrian umbrella mut coins for sale the sun sun.

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