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the last one so that fans nba coins the Zhanou connection again

To the second quarter, the last one so that fans loved nba coins “Zhanou connection” again, James received a high throw after Owen, flying leaping on the iconic war ax split! This performance was staged again in the nba coins half. You can imagine, the audience enthusiasm can always be lit in this moment. The first half sent the audience the highest 7 assists, to the third quarter, Owen gradually recovered the nba coins feel, so the score made more contributions, including the third section of a single section of 15 buy cheap mt. But at the same time he also sent four assists, two of which converted into three points, two into a dunk.

This season, the regular season stage, Owen assists on the double game Knight eight war victory; the playoffs recently the results of the two games the same, this is coincidence or “law”? On a game after Owen said that he just saw the right opportunity to nba coins on the ball, and did not deliberately pass “brush assists.” Although the two personal score is not high, but nba coins return of the point guard of the mt coins for sale is unknowingly let teammates become better. Following a victory, today Zhanhuang with his knight Corps and then angry, today at home again big score victory over rivals, made a series 2-0 lead. And James personal in this game not only show a super competitive state, and continuous across three milestones, so that home again and again sounded “MVP” voice.


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