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Cross-platform MMOs and Albion Online

Cross-platform MMOs have existed in the past, but there is one game on the horizon that is looking at trying to make the idea a bit more mainstream. That game is Albion Online by a small development team working for Sandbox Interactive. This little known gem is planning on providing services on Windows 7, Windows […]

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FIFA 15 comes out with many new aspects

FIFA 15 is an impending sports association football video game in stimulated nature. EA Canada developed FIFA 15 and Electronic Arts released FIFA 15. It has been declared for launch on the 23rd of September in North America and on the 25th of September in Europe and on the 26th of September in the United […]

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Wowingold Lily

Wowingold Lily They would have a Titan Challenge Square Enix and the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn team were on hand at the Tokyo Game Show recently with some new game information. We got a full report on everything we learned from TGS so keep reading before heading to the comments to chat. Before […]

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