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Wow may be probably the most welcomed MMO game online, it’s got billons of players as it has 7 many years of history. Theres’s few others game that comparable with this particular game, cuz it’s been over 7 years, but it still has numerous players or subscribers. Newer and more effective MMO games always aim […]


The Recent Loss of WoW Subscribers

The Recent Loss of WoW Subscribers If you have ever searched the MMO market, you would know that the world of warcraft becomes less popular than before, so does other MMO game like Runescape. Recently, the Blizzard has faltered with the recent loss of WoW subscribers. Will that means the will wow lose its old […]

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Want to Buy Cheap D3 Gold With Paypal Needn

Want to Buy Cheap D3 Gold With Paypal Needn Well, there are many players don want to waste time to farm Diablo 3 gold in game but buy it instead. However, some websites will confirm the customers personal information if they buy large amount and pay with paypal, so someone will frustrate at this, because […]

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