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Cross-platform MMOs and Albion Online

Cross-platform MMOs have existed in the past, but there is one game on the horizon that is looking at trying to make the idea a bit more mainstream. That game is Albion Online by a small development team working for Sandbox Interactive. This little known gem is planning on providing services on Windows 7, Windows […]

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FFXIV Healer career introduction- scholar

As we know, each of FFXIV careers match other classes level 15 after they reach level 30.And then they can be transferred into a special career. After transferred in to a special career, its grade depends on the grade of the main career. To level up with the special career and main basic career has […]

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The Profession Introduction of Final Fantasy XIV

Since Final Fantasy XIV just release the new edition not for a long time, but many online shops has began to hot sell Buy FFXIV Gil online before especially Now FFXIVGILLIVE sells cheap FFXIV Gil to players and gamers can experience a very good service here. We can know that there are so many […]

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