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Super Strong Mom With Her World of warcraft Life

Super Strong Mom With Her World of warcraft Life

PRLog (Press Release) Apr. 22, 2011 My mother put up the beds in front of the computer, just want to catch a pet for her hunter that most of wow hunter players will give their eye teeth for, I admire gonna cry. Mother leveled her character to 80 with two months time card, I’m busy working, basically did not help her, and now equipped with a 245, I think she is very smart now.

I recently found out that she always stays up late to her and asked what it is, she said she want to grasp the rare bird. This has been rumored a small area in our server. There is a level 74 priest would have accompanied my mother grasping as long as he came on line. My mother has the wrong washing of talent when she first met the pet, the result was other player steal a march on her, she has been very upset. It is said that the two treatment players saw this in the edge and then guide my mother to change the talent, after realizing that my mother is so old, and that both treatment of the player is moving, decided to help her.

Yesterday I started to go over there for squatting SS number and heard from the hunter that some one arrested the pet in that afternoon, so I calculated according to the time, probably around three o’clock in the morning, will refresh it. My mother has taken the bed in front of the computer, ready for the pet.

Wish her good luck. Because the busy work, I have no time to accompany her. World of Warcraft make my mother’s elderly life is no longer alone.

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