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Rockets will celebrate the Western nba2kmt semifinals on May 2 tomorrow

The Spurs and Rockets will celebrate the Western Conference nba2kmt on May 2 tomorrow. On the training day, the players interviewed talked about some of the keys to this series. Harden believes that the biggest challenge for the Spurs is that the nba2kmt rarely make mistakes: “As I said before, they never make mistakes and have been doing their own, so we need to be prepared to have a good nba2kmt.” Asked the wrong question, Harden said: “We just play in the right way, looking for the best offensive opportunity.” He paused, “I hold the ball more for me, I just keep the aggression Sex, try to do the right pass.

“We’ll get back to our offense,” Harden said of the team’s attack. “We’ll have a nba2kmt to find the space and make the ball in the playoffs. There will be a few days in the playoffs. The physical condition will be better. ” Spurs nba 2k17 my team coins also mentioned that the rocket is a very good offensive team. In this regard, the Spurs will control the rhythm and make full use of the inside advantage. “We will try to control the rhythm.” Parker said in his charming French accent, “We will try to limit them. They will vote for three points, will fight the conversion offense – do the nba2kmt defense will be in this round of our The essential.” Aldridge as one of the core of the my team nba 2k17 coins in the first round of poor performance. In this regard, Parker said: “This round of Adelaide may be more aggressive on the last round of Memphis, he did a lot of dirty work, we all look in the eyes of this round, because of the bit, he Will be more aggressive. “


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