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How to choose bracelet? how should you choose a bracelet for your own?

In the past, many people wear bracelets, bracelets are often to show rich, and this concept with the development of the times has been greatly improved. It is recognized that the bracelet should wear from their overall needs, bracelets and clothing, color together to create the beauty, is to shape the overall style of an important one.

Now, the bracelet has become an important jewelry, wearing experience to make you look more charming. So, how should you choose a bracelet for your own?


The size of the bracelet Cartier love bracelet replica is determined by the thickness of the bracelet. Under normal circumstances, too loose, too tight are not appropriate. The correct size to wear after a finger is still a good gap.


Making bracelets, bracelet material is very rich, each material has its unique luster and texture. Should be based on their own needs and conditions to choose the material. In general, with gold, platinum, silver made of bracelets, bracelets, easy and all kinds of clothing match. Jewelery Jewelery Bracelets and Bracelets are matched with traditional, regular, upscale clothing. Wood, hard plastic, leather, glass, ivory, metal and other materials, and fashion, the new dynasty equipment, casual wear, casual wear, sportswear with, often have a good effect.


All kinds of jewelry jade made of very other materials bracelets, bracelets, have their own inherent color. And any color of the United States and not the United States, are through the combination, with the ability to fully reflect its charm. Therefore, in the choice of bracelets, bracelet, one depends on the color of the jewelry itself; the second is to see the color of jewelry and their skin color is appropriate; third is to see the bracelet, bracelet color and clothing color is good With the match.


Bracelet, bracelet quality, is an important part of the choice. First look at the overall shape is complete. Such as roundness, symmetry and so on. Followed by the process structure is reasonable, solid. Such as bracelets, most of which are made up of many small rings, between rings and Cartier love ring replica if the convergence is not good, it is easy to fall off. Another example is the gemstone bracelet chain, the gap size will directly affect the ginger’s fastness. And then there is to see whether the production of fine, such as the chain, bracelet surface is smooth, the pattern is meticulous, as well as diamonds diamonds, pearl color, shape, size, etc., are to be carefully checked.

Wrist thin people, should not wear large bracelets, bracelets, this will make the wrist look finer. Wrist thicker people, such as bracelets, bracelets too thin, will appear in the contrast under the wrist thicker.

The thickness of the bracelet and arm wrist with the coordination of the thickness.

If you only wear a bracelet, should be worn on the left hand and not on the right hand. Wearing two bracelets, both can wear one hand, can also be worn on the left hand. Wearing more than three bracelets is relatively rare, even if you want to wear should also be worn on the left hand to create a strong sense of imbalance, to achieve extraordinary, unconventional purpose. It should be noted, however, that this imbalance should be achieved through the match with the clothing to be harmonious, otherwise it will be unconventional and destroyed the decorative bracelet beauty.


The method of identification of precious stones is described as follows

1) look at the color first thing to note is to observe the color of the gem. No matter what the gem, the scope of identification with the gem color and color of the different has narrowed. Olivine special olive green color, so that we hit it off. A few gems are bright green, such as emeralds, garnet and some gems. Black gem only only black stone, coal crystal, tourmaline, diopside, black rock. Purple gems are amethyst, purple sapphire, spinel, cubic zirconia. In the identification of jade, Malaysia jade and green chalcedony, if carefully observed, can be found in the green distribution of jade is not uniform, broken as dull jagged fracture, the Malaysian jade color distribution into filaments, broken glass shiny , And sand feeling, green chalcedony color milky and evenly distributed. Dyed jade color is not natural, and more concentrated in the cracks, true color jade color, the distribution is also natural. Ruby and spinel visual identification, the performance of the ruby with a multi-color, placed in the water, sometimes visible hexagonal ribbon, and red spinel color is absolutely uniform.

2) to see transparency Transparency can be used Cartier love bracelet replica to understand the advantages and disadvantages of precious stones. In general, the same kind of precious stones, transparency, the more precious the high. Transparency can also be used to identify gems with similar colors but different types. Such as spinel and purple teeth in color similar, but the spinel is transparent, and some purple teeth are opaque or translucent. Yellow gem and sapphire as well. Yellow gem is transparent crystal, and sapphire is transparent, translucent to opaque distinction. Peridot is a transparent crystal, and its color is similar to the jasper, some varieties are not transparent.

3) to see the gloss of the gilt is an important basis for the identification of the naked eye, you can roughly determine a satisfactory range of refraction. The gloss is determined by the level of the refractive index and the degree of smoothness of the polished surface. The higher the gloss of the unknown gemstones, the higher the refractive index, the refractive index of the semi-glazed gemstones falls on the scale of the refractometer in the high refractive index range, with the glassy luster of the refractive index in the rub range, The glossy gemstones have a refractive index in the lower range. Wax-like, glossy lacquered jade polishing surface is relatively poor, silk silk gloss that there are many needle-shaped inclusions. Resin luster may be amber, cut into a curved type of color, translucent, cloudy, was blue and white luster is ice long moonlight stone. Pearl luster is sodium long moonlight stone, was brown tones blue luster is elongated moonlight stone. In the sun flashing golden dazzling light is the sun stone. Diamond has a typical golden luster.

4) test hardness Some of the appearance of similar gems, as long as the hardness of their test can be resolved clearly. For example, diamonds, zircons, crystal, etc., although the appearance is similar, but the hardness is different. Diamonds can scratch zircon, crystal, but crystal can not scratch zircon. Another example is ruby, red spinel, red tourmaline, purple teeth and so are red color gem, know their hardness is different, can be compared by carving, to distinguish it. The main gem hardness is as follows: Diamond – 10, red sapphire – 9, gold green cat’s eye – 8.5, spinel – 8, yellow gem – 8, zircon – 7.5-8, emerald – 7.5 , Tourmaline – 7-7.5; crystal – 7, purple teeth Wu – 6.5-7.5, olivine – 6.5-7, opal – 5.5. The use of hardness to identify gems need to note the following: This method has two limitations. First, some of the similar color of the gem is also similar in hardness, such as zircon and purple teeth; Second, the artificial gem can not do anything, because the artificial gem in physical properties and natural gem is very similar. Do not test the force is too fierce, in particular, can not knock on the characterization, and slowly drag and draw. Do not light from a direction to test, but to test in different directions because the hardness of individual gems in different directions are not the same. Such as kyanite in the crystal extension of the hardness of 4.5 degrees, with a knife can be carved, and in its vertical direction is higher than the hardness of 6 degrees. Precious stones, especially Cartier love ring replica precious stones, can not just scribe. A safer and more reliable method is to use a well-prepared mineral polishing film to test. For example, to distinguish the authenticity of the precious stones, it can be used to characterize the artificial spinel polished film (hardness of 8), if it can draw marks on the artificial spinel, then its hardness must be more than 8 degrees There may be ruby.

5) the proportion of the weight of the hand with the amount of precious stones estimated that the proportion of experience is the secret recipe, to practice more to master. For example, diamonds and colorless artificial cubic zirconia naked eye view of the proportion of similar to the weight of 3.52, cubic zirconia weight 5.8, the same size of the ring face, hand a weigh, the light for the diamond. Or eye view of the diameter of diamonds, hand weigh a weigh can be roughly estimated the proportion of gem and weight. In the case of conditions permit, you can carry out the specific gravity measurement, the method is: the use of jewelry stores on the scale of the scale scales. In the end of a very small gold or copper wire made of small blue, the first gem into the basket in the air weighing, that is, the weight of the gem in the air. And then will be equipped with precious stones jewelry small blue, immersed in the glass filled with glass after the weight is reduced, this is the weight of the gem in the water, this time, according to the principle of physics, the object in the water loss of weight, equal to the object The weight of the water discharged with the volume (but the water used to 15 ℃ or 60F of distilled water as the standard). So the following formula: Specific gravity = weight in the air / air weight – water weight. And then according to the proportion of gem, in the proportion table to find the corresponding name of the gem. Corresponding to the number of precious stones, but can also be combined with hardness, color and other comprehensive analysis to determine the name of the gem.

There is also a more reliable method is the heavy liquid method, that is, with the gem to determine the proportion of the same proportion of liquid, and then put the stones into the liquid to see if the sink is floating. For example, the proportion of jade is 3.33, it will be placed in each cubic Cartier nail bracelet replica centimeter 3.2 grams of heavy liquid, the emerald due to the heavier than the heavy liquid will naturally sink, if the floating on a jade. Of course, the preparation of heavy liquid requires a certain amount of raw materials, the operation is not very easy.

6) Observation of inclusions with 10 times magnifying glass to observe the characteristics of transparent gem inclusions, is to distinguish between natural and man-made the most reliable way. Natural gemstones can be solid, liquid, gas, solid and more crystalline; artificial gemstones most of the bubbles, spin-shaped solid inclusions are synthetic gem inclusions.

7) to see the dispersion In the transparent turn gem, the dispersion strength can provide important clues for identification. Only diamonds, artificial cubic zirconia, zircon, rutile, garnet, cassiterite with the naked eye can see the obvious dispersion.


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