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NFL superstar: do not understand why the departure of the emperor Yan Wang He is not Batman

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This summer, the NBA’s most sensational news is undoubtedly Kerry – Owen trouble trading, because do not want to continue in LeBron – James side as deputy, Owen apply for trading leave, he was eventually sent to the Celtics , have the opportunity to do in Boston Boss. However, Owen’s decision to make a lot of people puzzled, because from the line so far, Owen has never proved his ability to lead a team alone, NFL Hall of Fame star Dane – Saunders also commented on this topic, he said I do not understand Owen’s decision.

NFL superstar: do not understand why the departure of the emperor Yan Wang He is not Batman

NFL star: do not understand why the departure of James James
“Why do you have to leave James? You do not understand what the king (referring to James) what happened.” Saunders said, “the king is so good, you have three consecutive years into the finals, you start to think that the final is A normal, you are irrational? This is not a normal, just because of the existence of James, okay?

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John – Stockton will not leave – Karl Ma Long, Magic division Johnson will not leave Kareem – Abdul – Jabbar, the reason is that Owen had to Understand that you are Robin, not Batman.

Saunders is 50 years old, is a member of the NFL Hall of Fame, he has twice to help the team get the Super Bowl champion, won the NFL defensive player of the year award.

Obviously, Sanders believes that the strength of Owen he can only serve as deputy, rather than the team boss. But Owen does not think so, he thinks he can stand on his own. However, Owen career has never proved to have the ability to lead, in the first three seasons of his career, Owen data is good, but the team winning only 33%, the best season, but only 33 games. In cooperation with James, when James truce, Owen led the team record only 4 wins and 13 losses.

Previously, the “open air bleachers” had interviewed a number of scouts, executives, asked them on the Irvine view of the Celtic prospects, these people generally do not optimistic about Owen alone led them to recognize Owen one-on-one ability, But do not think he can do ace. These insiders questioned Owen’s focus on his organization and defensive ability, a scout that Owen’s organizational skills are flat, at most, is the level of ordinary starting guard, the defense is the disaster level.

Celtics president Danny – Anji behind Owen said, Owen’s organization and defense in the Celtics system will be great progress. The new season is critical for Owen, he needs to lead the Celtics to play excellent performance, the only way to fight back the question of the outside world. (Click gameusd.comto buy madden 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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