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He will continue to receive treatment at 2k mt point

“He has some pain, that is no doubt,” said Hoybog, “Jimmy is a fighter, he will overcome it.He will continue to receive treatment, at this point he is very diligent.Today he will accept many times We hope to be able to recover well before the 2k mtstart of the race. The current 2-3 behind the Green Army Bulls from the Long since the absence of injury has not been a win. Hoylberg said the 2k mt point guard Isaiah – Kanan will still play in the sixth war. Players in the regular season half of the little chance to play, but the last game played 36 minutes or got 13 points.

“It’s clear that there’s a lot less of our team’s variables because of the fact that Rondo’s injury is missing,” said Hoyberg. “Yesterday we played some messy, of course, because most of the time we did not have a real point guard. But that is our current situation, it will be our 2k mt in this round of the playoffs.Although 2-3 behind, but we still have confidence. There are three sets of duel is the current situation. We will continue to fight and find the way to win, and even if Rondo is not there, we have to play the rhythm. ” The league has announced that the regular season awards will be buynba2kmt at the end of 2k mt playoffs after the awards show, the award is another six awards, including the best dunk, the best trend, the best cover, the best Assists, the best winning goal and the best performance.

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